Clean Your Home Solar Panel System For Effective Use

Proper cleaning of solar panels is essential for the longevity and better performance of the system. You can have the solar panel system roof mounted, ground mounted or pole mounted in your home. They need to be placed at an angle that is appropriate to harness the sunlight and convert it into electricity.

Clean solar panels

• As solar panels are often roof mounted, they are prone to natural substances such as dirt, dust and other pollutants, leave, saps, branches, bird droppings and other blowing debris

• Solar panels should be rinsed around 4 times a year in the early hours in order to avoid big temperature fluctuation.

• You can increase the performance of the system up to 20% if you give regular attention.

• A quick spray of water can benefit the frame and mounts a lot.

• If you include these two steps in your normal yard chores, then it will become habitual.

Make your solar panel system very durable

A solar panel system can last 25 years or more with regular maintenance and repair. If you do fall and spring clean up in your home, then you can add a few years more to the system. You can think of hiring professional solar panel cleaning Melbourne, especially if your system is mounted in an unsteady location.

DIY methods include effective rinsing with a wash. However, certain measures should be taken for a perfect cleaning. Today, the market for solar panels is growing vigorously, so does the service industry. There are several special cleaning solutions as well as companies offering cleaning services.

Cleaning systems are available in a range of options such as detergent dispense, spray heads, hose bib cleaning, timer cleaning and more. Cleaning solutions or dish washing liquid needs the panels cool to avoid developinghaze or dust from the soap over the surface.

Solar panel frames can’t endure the cleaning solution for a long hour as they are made of anodized aluminum. If detergents are used at high temperature or for a long hour, it can cause etches over the metal. Therefore, mild soap or detergent is recommended for cleaning solar panels on your own.

If you are not comfortable with cleaning yourself, then hire professional solar panel cleaning services for efficient cleaning. There are a lot of service providers running in the market to choose from. With many options, choosing the most established and affordable one is a difficult task.

Go for word of mouth advertising and also consider online reviews and testimonials posted on websites and review sites. These sources can provide you a better idea about a service provider and the level of service they offered earlier. This will help you make a well informed decision.