Increasing Productivity And Organizing Of Your Corporate Space

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Increasing employee productivity can be an arduous task that takes a lot more than it should. But as an employer you would have also realized that regular activity to build team laying skill and also relaxing the stress of working in a constricted space can actually help release the tension of your employees and increase the productivity levels. One of the activities that you can take advantage of and also make your employees take a break with is by having a monthly corporate space cleaning day.

Get a purging man

Your buy office Lippo space will have a lot more clutter than you or your employees assume by the end of a working week. So when you want the cleaning day to start up, do it with a purging session. Get your employees to empty, shred, declutter and, in general, get rid of everything that is not of relevance or need for work. Although the physical aspects have to be cleaned, the computers will need a thorough purging session as well; but this should be an option and not a mandatory action. Whether it is the browser’s cache, the trash bins in the rooms, broken furniture and equipment, everything unneeded should go.

Rearrange the working space

If you do not have a large team, then you can let your employees change their working stations and working spaces if they have preferences. This will allow them to think of the new area in the central office as a new place and it will increase their efficiency when working. Rearrangements should probably be notified weeks in advance so that whoever is changing stations can schedule their workload and moving work accordingly. Go to this page for further information regarding central office.


If you have piles of items such as stationery that are not being used, then make a pile out of them and distribute them around for everyone. Also make a note not to order that stationary items again for months. Items that are out of the areas that they should be at must be moved back. Keep in mind that items can also be given new areas or appointed areas within the working space for increased convenience.

When you are doing the clean-up day call the IT service as well and give each computer a full service. Cleaning up the computers of clutter and also running the antivirus should be done at least on a monthly basis, so a monthly clean-up day will ensure this. Adding new furniture is also a recommended notion as it will incite your staff to work with increased happiness levels.