Solar Hot Water With Rising Electric Consumption

With the cost of electric consumption rising each year, you may think of switching to Equinox Solar hot water to reduce your monthly bills. The word Equinox Solar hot water may sound critical but the operation is actually very simple. Solar collectors are placed on the roof to absorb heat from the sun. The cool water gets heated through pipes which are connected just beneath it. The hot water is stored in a cylinder for use. To get continuous flow of hot water on rainy or cloudy day adding gas booster can help you. Equinox roof mounted solar heater circulates water without the use of any pump. With the increase of greenhouse gas, there has been a major climatic disturbance each year. If elimination of carbon in the environment would be controlled then it would be saved.
Some of the Benefit from Equinox Solar water system – •    Easy to operate, and maintenance is not too much, economical for people.•    With no circulating pipes or pump there is less amount of heat loss which increase the efficiency of the entire system. •    There is absolutely no requirement of electricity to circulate pumps or pipes.•    Not much space is required. •    With minimum weight the solar collector is easy to install.
 Save Fossil Fuel Shift to Solar Hot Water Heating SystemMost of the household uses gas or electric power to heat water. These energies are mainly created from fossil fuels. It is an eternal truth that these fossils will completely run out one day. These gases specially effect greenhouse gas in the air. One way we can make up to the environment is by using solar hot water system. It is using natural light from the sun to heat water. Moreover, with so much of the energy we get daily from sun, why not use it wisely and save the environment.The two most commonly used solar water heaters are – closed coupler plumber in Ballajura and Split system Solar hot water heater. For closed coupler solar water heater the water collector is mounted to the storage tank. The water gets heated in the collector. It rises and gets transferred to the storage tank. For Split system Solar hot water heater, the storage tank is on the ground, the water gets heated and gets transferred to the tank with the help of small pump which works with the help of solar energy itself. Many people are switching to solar hot water, just to go green with the environment. With no fossil fuels to generate heat to generate hot water, the amount of toxic which generate will be lesser compared to water electric hot water generate. By installing solar water heater you will surely save a huge amount financially. Solar water heating system can be expensive to install. But once installed you do not need to pay for fuel consumption. The systems work as twice as long as any other system and last up to thirty years. Therefore you can enjoy warm bath for at least twenty years. With solar water heating system we get unlimited supply of clean energy which helps in reducing the use of our precious fossil fuel.